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Our site is made up of many pages, but ultimately, this is the one that shares what’s most important - the real stories of people using FlexJobs to successfully find a remote or flexible job.

Below are thousands of stories from people across the country and the world. They have different reasons for wanting a remote or flexible job, have many different backgrounds and skills, but they all share one thing in common: they wanted a better way to find a better job for a better life, and FlexJobs was able to help!

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This site is awesome! I am a teacher and needed to find a part-time job from home during the summer when school is out, and to supplement my income during the school year. I was hesitant to purchase a subscription at first, but after reading customer reviews, I figured, "Why not give it a month?" I ended up accepting two positions that allow me to work from home on my own schedule, and the pay is great! FlexJobs really does deliver what they say they will.

Hired at U-Haul Inc. as Customer Service Agent  •  Heather H, Surprise, AZ  •  Work Flexibility: Remote, Part-Time, Flexible Schedule

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It was so easy and straightforward to find jobs and apply through FlexJobs. I would recommend anyone and everyone looking for flexible or telecommuting jobs to go through FlexJobs!

Hired at Artisan Creative as Administrative Assistant
Regina C, Houston, TX
Work Flexibility: Part-Time, Flexible Schedule

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What a wonderful service! I had a great interview process with Thrillist, which led ultimately to them offering me a full-time, remote, salaried position this morning. Thank you, FlexJobs!

Hired at Thrillist as Editor
Nicole C, Redwood, NY
Work Flexibility: Remote, Full-Time

You are amazing. Please keep being amazing. I'd like to say I'll use you again, but with any luck, I'll never need to because you solved my problems the first time. FlexJobs gave me the resources to find the best job I've ever had. From day one, using the intuitive job search, I knew I was in good hands when I found this amazing opportunity I could do from my rural location. 

Hired at Doctor On Demand as Patient Support Representative
Cody H, Frankston, TX
Work Flexibility: Remote, Flexible Schedule

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I was going through a divorce and needed to make extra money. I used the usual sites to find telecommute jobs, but was not successful. While searching the net, I came across another site that recommended FlexJobs. I figured the $14.95 was worth it, and it was!! I found a job with work-life balance in less than one month!

Hired at Study.com as Elementary Lesson Writer  •  Francine W, Richmond, VA  •  Work Flexibility: Part-Time, Freelance

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This is the only job search website I have ever paid for. You guys have spent the time finding all of these great "out of the box" type jobs and it feels wonderful to come here and find so much in my field to choose from that fits my needs. I would have spent hours trying to find these jobs on my own. I LOVE this website!! These are jobs that are not easy to find—I found the membership fee very reasonable and worth every penny considering I have found two wonderful jobs through FlexJobs.

Hired at Humana as At-Home Care Manager RN  •  Lori S, Colorado Springs, CO  •  Work Flexibility: Remote, Part-Time, Flexible Schedule

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Thank you so much for your service. It helped me get started on the career path I've always wanted. Finding a job was quick and easy. It was worth every penny! I've already recommended FlexJobs to several people.

Hired at Apple as At-Home Advisor
Ashley T, Johnson City, TN
Work Flexibility: Remote

I worried I'd never find another telecommuting job. I applied for a job on the third day of my subscription, and now I've been hired. I will be recommending this site to others!

Hired at Basho Technologies as Client Services Engineer
William S, Toms River, NJ
Work Flexibility: Remote

FlexJobs helped me find the perfect opportunity that matches my skill set, education, experience, and most importantly my passion! If it weren't for FlexJobs, there is no way that I would've found this amazing startup company. I now get to use my software project management experience in support of a cause that means so much to me - agricultural sustainability and conservation. 

Hired at Agren, Inc. as Product and Project Manager
Nikki L, Tucson, AZ
Work Flexibility: Remote, Full-Time

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I recently left a terribly toxic office situation. Being six months pregnant, I wasn't feeling especially optimistic about the options available to me. I did some research and discovered FlexJobs. I applied to a couple of positions and was eventually hired for a very flexible, at-home position that I could not be more thankful for. Thank you!

Hired at Shutterstock as Vector Image Reviewer  •  Lauren W, Denver, CO  •  Work Flexibility: Remote, Flexible Schedule

The site is amazing and I'm glad I gave it a shot! I left a full-time job to be able to stay home with my three small children. I found some work I could do from home, but it just wasn't doing enough. I was wary about joining a subscription based job site, but FlexJobs did not disappoint. The level of customization and options to search for jobs was amazing and I was able to find a better job within a month of subscribing.

Hired at Hospitality Softnet as Report Writer  •  Devyn B, Quincy, IL  •  Work Flexibility: Remote, Part-Time

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FlexJobs provided the exact type of jobs that I was looking for, which I couldn't find anywhere else. They didn't bombard me with too many emails, just daily job options and tips.

Hired at Ciao Bambino as Family Travel Specialist
Katy H, Novato, CA
Work Flexibility: Remote, Full-Time, Freelance

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You guys are life savers. FlexJobs helped me find a job that allows me to stay home with my son. And that is priceless. I have recommended you guys to everyone I know.

Hired at Study.com as Computer Science Lesson Writer
Katie M, Fernandina Beach, FL

I joined FlexJobs during my maternity leave to seek a flexible position so I could be more available to my husband and boys. I applied to this full-time, telecommute position with YachtCloser, had a couple of phone interviews, and received an offer. Now when my kids miss the bus, I'm here to save the day. I also see my husband more and can attend some of my kids’ school events. It’s only been three days, but I love the job so far and look forward to a long career with YachtCloser. 

Hired at YachtCloser as Product Quality Specialist
Rachel W, Kansas City, MO
Work Flexibility: Remote, Full-Time

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Thank you! FlexJobs has relevant job listings, and it's an easy-to-use website. I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for new employment.

Hired at Right Management as Resume Specialist  •  Monica M, Chelsea, MI  •  Work Flexibility: Remote